Pan-Am Tang Soo Do FederationPan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation

1984-Started training with father, Grandmaster Chong Su Kim
1984- Competed at first karate tournament- Grandmaster Ki Yun Yi Garden State Championships
1989- Received Black Belt
1991- Received 2nd Dan Black Belt
1991- Began Junior Instructing at Headquarters
1993- Grand Champion Fighting Mayor Schmoke Maryland State Championships
1993- Qualified for US TKD Nationals Junior Olympic State Champion MARYLAND REP.
1994- Trained on Song tan, South Korea Master C. W. Kim and Chong S. Yu
1994- Received 3rd Dan Black Belt
1996- Grand Champion Forms VA Invitational
1996- Grand Champion Weapons PTF Michigan State Championships
1996- Grand Champion Fighting PTF Michigan State Championships
1997- Trained with Bill Superfoot Wallace
1998- Demonstration Team Captain
1998- Received Master Level 4th Dan
1998- York Daily Record Local Hero
2001- Appointed SWAT Team Leader
2002- Appointed director of demonstration for National Championships
2003- Trained with World champion Master T. H. Son
2003- Received 5th Dan Senior Master Black Belt
2004- Recognized as HQS. Chief Master Su Suk Sah Bum Nim
2005- Received HQS. Best Master Instructor at PTF National Championships
2006- Instructed MI State Seminar
2007- Trained with Grandmaster Y.U. Min
2007- PTF Instructor of the Year Award
2007-Trained with Grandmaster Hang Sik Shin ShinMoo Haphkido
2008- Personal Bodyguard for TV Star Bill Cosby
2008- PTF National Championships Co Director
2008- Trained with Hap Ki Do Master Chong S. Yu
2008- Best Master of the Year Award
2009- Instructed VA State Seminar for Grandmaster Joon K. Seong
2009- Trained 25 years with Father, Grandmaster Chong Su Kim PTF president