Pan-Am Tang Soo Do FederationPan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation

Our mission at each studio is to motivate students to build a solid foundation for overcoming obstacles in life. Tang Soo Do can be an eternal addition to your life, physical ability and long or short term goals.

We provide a fun and learning atmosphere for students to learn the "joy of discipline". While working in a positive environment, we attend to individual needs of each student.

Kim's Karate - Personal Instruction
By Appt Only
Sr. Master Matthew A. Kim
Headquarters Chief Instructor
1450 Mount Rose Avenue
York, PA 17403
School Phone: (717) 848-5566

Sr. Master Anthony D. Kim
Red Lion Chief Instructor
Dairyland Square Shopping Center
Red Lion, PA 17356
School Phone:(717) 244-7756

Personal Instruction considerably helps:
Jumping Capabilities
Lower & Upper Body Strength
Staff Forms
Nunchuck Forms
  Breaking boards
  Test Preparation
  Tournament Preparation
  Special Kicking Combinations
  Tang Soo Do Terminology

Personal Instruction Rates:
Master Matthew A. Kim
Half Hour - $30.00
Hour - $55.00

Master Anthony D. Kim
Half Hour - $30.00
Hour - $55.00

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim
Half Hour - $80.00
Hour - $150.00
Your Place - $250