Pan-Am Tang Soo Do FederationPan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation

Kim's Karate Shrewsbury
Master George Kapterian
Shrewsbury School's Chief Instructor
526 S. Main St.
Shrewsbury, PA 17367
School Phone: (717) 235-6600

Master George Kapterian
10:00am - 10:55amPRIVATEPRIVATE
11:00am - 12:00pmPRIVATEPRIVATE
5:45pm - 6:35pmChildrenChildrenChildrenChildrenChildren
6:40pm - 7:20pmGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperGrasshopperChildren
7:30pm - 8:30pmAdultAdultAdultAdultTournament Prep

I - Introductory
P - Private
C- Children
A- Adult
CBW- Childrens Beginner Weapon
ABW- Adult Beginner Weapon
Black Belt holders can attend any class

Students are expected to:
1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early for class.
2. Swearing, smoking and drinking liquor are prohibited.
3. Show respect to self, instructors, others, flag, and Do Jang
4. When speaking to instructors use "Sir" or "Ma'am"
5. Conversation is not permitted during class.
6. Memorize and apply the Five Codes of Tang Soo Do to your life.
7. Help and maintain a positive and well disciplined learning environment.
8. Use your all out effort in class and in daily life.
9. Students must attend class regularly for their own good.
10. Be respectful to your parents, teachers and elders.

Karate school T-shirts or sweatshirts are permitted for weapon training only.